Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Advanced Parenting

I wish I had more energy in the evenings

You need some Red Ambulance

MrsM is aghast.
She has read about This Sort of Thing
in parenting manuals.
She knows that you must keep CALM.

What is that?


MrsM knows that her worst fears are confirmed.
She prepares for a difficult future


(sighs loudly)
Not that sort of coke...


MrM said...

We almost needed a pick-me-up to counter the pick-me-up ! Might even have been a red ambulance to boot.

MasterM does not bother with the diet version by the way as he does not yet need to do so

BreadBox said...

I mean

dottycookie said...

Ha! Glad to know you're as embarrassing a parent as I am turning out to be ;-)

Ali said...

Love those moments when the crisis is much more mundane than first feared.

Something tells me that wicked boy of yours would have been watching your face closely for the response!

Gina said...

There is a story I could tell about Joe, when on his travels mentioned crack on Facebook... a joke apparently... a quote from Family Guy. The fact his mother had him virtually booked into rehab amused him greatly. Moral of the story - Facebook is not for parents!

eurolush said...

I just spent my summer in the hometown of the Red Ambulance...Atlanta, GA.

readersguide said...


Dragonfly said...

I just snorted too!