Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Way Things Are

I love having MasterM at home.

Am I allowed to say that?

For a few weeks
- short to us but endless to him -
he has to be based here
while he applies to universities.
A combination of boarding school
and an ambitious travel schedule
has meant that it is a couple of years
since he spent this long at home with us.

In between our son has become a confident young man.

There are downsides of course...
my home is achieving the Frat House vibe
with piles of shoes, gym bags
and odd socks in odd places.
The TV seems to be permanently tuned to Ross Kemp
and ice lolly sticks mysteriously appear
where they Should NOT Be.

BUT he makes us laugh effortlessly
with his talent for mimicry;
his outrageous but true travel stories
and his lively use of street language.

It really delights me to realise
that he is well informed about world affairs
and exceptionally perceptive in his understanding
of the people around him.

He has so many plans for the future
and he has the energy and organisation
to make them happen.
None of the plans include staying at home
and so I must treasure every moment
of this brief interlude.


monica said...

so there is hope for boys... (and living with boys)

dottycookie said...

I have no doubt that you are making the most of every minute. I hope MasterM is too.

Though I have to say if you want to see socks everywhere and to be surprised by unexpected lolly sticks, just pop round here ...

blackbird said...

I'd probably feel a bit more romantic about Oldest being home if he had more solid plans to leave.

Zoë said...

Hi Alice,

thank you for the heads up about the other blogs, I have popped and had a look at some of them. The one you suggested for Sarah seems to need a login and password though.

Just been scanning through your blog here and the one next door, I shall be back, the cake looks delicious!

Best Wishes,


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs M,
.. so you didn't disappear from the world of blogging!

Make the most of Master M being home, once they disappear for ever it is quite horrid, no more piles of washing, untidy rooms, fridge full of food (mainly for them and their friends), a phone you are unable to access and of course the fifteen mugs scattered around their bedroom. The worst bit for me was the silence, I secretly loved the loud music and really miss it.

But you still have the vacation time to look forward to.



Zoë said...


thanks for the speedy reply! There is an email addy on my profile, but I'll leave it hear for you too.

zoelynch at unknowndomain dot co dot uk.


Sarah S. said...

They have a knack for messing up the house don't they?

Enjoy the mess and noise!Oh and the company.

panyan said...

Your musings about Master M really struck a cord with me. My eldest son left home 2 weeks ago to start a gap year placement and we really miss his company. He left his mess here though because he didn't want to clutter up the new apartment! Wonder how long that will last?

Lynn said...

And mine are lying in bed together bellowing out the Hallelujah Chorus at top volume...Ah, it's all so bittersweet, isn't it.

Jack Tar Limey said...

For Panyan.
About twenty years, give or take a decade. They adopt the attitude that if you haven't used something in the last two years you should get rid of it but if it is theirs, "Could you please look after it!"

kristina said...

This reminds me so much of when my older step brother came home from university. His room definitely had that frat house vibe (which my mum tried desperately to contain there!). K x

Cocoa and blankets said...

May I intoduce myself - I am Helen a drama tacher and mother of one dearly beloved daughter Polly - I have just ready your blog magpie files which was passed on by pebbledash - I was asking about blogging etiquette so I am being polite and introducing myself! I am a bit of a blogging virgin and I am loving it although I havent had many posts so I feel a little bit like bessie no blog posts. Anyway - loved the blog! hope to hear from you on mine

Cocoa and blankets said...

oops poor show for teacher Helen who did not check typo mistakes!

BreadBox said...

Distill every moment into memories for when he's gone.....
And enjoy now....


anne bebbington said...

Oh nooooooooo!!!!!!! you're not telling me they never grow out of the lolly stick thing :O(

Dragonfly said...

I love the 'lively use of street language'. I can barely understand No2 sometimes!

Enjoy him - he sounds brilliant!

bluemountainsmary said...

I'm even treasuring the heavy metal electric guitar Will is blasting into the ether whilst he is still here with me.