Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Travel Tips from MasterM

Eastern Europe

The Thermal Baths in Budapest are awesome.
Make sure that you have enough money
for a mud massage.


If a big Australian waves to you in a bar


When playing Poker in Croatia:

1 Croatian kuna
5 Hungarian forint
10 cents
100 matchsticks


driftwood said...

those thermal baths do indeed look awesome, but mud? really......

Gina said...

Awesome indeed! But poker in Croatia?

peppermintpatcher said...

What is wrong with the big Australian?

What if a middle-sized Australian waves to you from a train?

Would that be OK. I might feel the need to wave when I come to London in two weeks...

Sarah S. said...

The baths do look awesome!

I was wondering about the Australian though!Hummm

Anne said...

Hi Alice. I liked your prologue. Hope all is well with you. (I might be back when the weather turns... probably next month ..we are already having days in the 50's! Brrrr).

Margaret said...

Australians definitely seem to get around! I always seem to meet friendly Australians in every country I visit (we even met a couple while we were in Colombia a while ago--the only other non-Latin Americans we saw on our trip!).

Fairlie said...

I love the description of the water in the thermal baths on the website: "it has a unique quality of being slightly radio active." Does MasterM now glow in the dark?