Monday, 8 September 2008

A Long Weekend


MasterM plays in the Old Boys Rugby Match
against the School 1st XV.
Preparation for the Big Match is characterised
by a visit to a local hostelry (or two)
and much exchange of summer travel stories.

Half Time Drinks

The Old Boys make the 1st XV work hard for their victory.


MasterM gets up earlier than he would have wished
and listens to a sermon warning about the perils of
'rioting and drunkenness,
chambering and wantonness'.

MissM sits at the other end of the Cathedral
with beautifully polished shoes
and a new school jumper with a white stripe
and the surplice of a Scholar
and one rebellious Shocking Pink fingernail.

It has been a good weekend.


peppermintpatcher said...

It feels good to me to have them back. I can only imagine how good it feels to you.

dottycookie said...

It sounds perfect - but did MasterM have to go straight to the match from the airport? Wish I had his energy!

Gina said...

A wonderful family weekend!

Dragonfly said...

Love the half-time drinks!

Ali said...

Was there an improvement in the performance after half time I wonder?

bluemountainsmary said...

The extraordinary energy of the young!!

And congratulations to the girl with the shocking pink fingernail....

Sarah S. said...

Only one pink fingernail? Hummm.
I like the half time refreshments.

Your new blog is looking pretty! No big surprise there. :)

monica said...

sometimes they came back.

I'm glad.

Lynn said...

Ooh, not chambering! The wantonness was bad enough! (Scurrying to dictionary to see what "chambering" means...)

Margaret said...

Welcome back! I love your description of the sermon!

GMS said...

Let us know what chambering is. I had to read it as the second lesson in church this Sunday and was too lazy to look it up. Hope I gave it the right emphasis though!
Suppose I will have to change my name Grandad Magpie Spotter is going to drown in a lime juice environment.